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Based in beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand, Agora Insights pride ourselves on delivering Business Analysis and Business Architecture best practices and techniques that can be applied in the workplace for strategy, operations and projects to deliver on the business goals.

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Professional training customized to corporate needs

  • Professional development and porfolio services

  • Business blueprinting for project initiatives and business architecture

  • Requirements audits and training

We are a fully accredited certification training partner/provider. Get the best results in your team today.

Business Architecture Guild Training Partner
IIBA Endorsed Education Provider

Professional Training Services

We offer coaching, mentoring and training services to help you and your team grow

  • Corporate Training Courses

    We offer a range of courses, presented in class or online, specific to your business needs. Our courses are customized to help increase the skills and competencies of your staff by providing a range of tools and techniques specific to your corporate needs.

  • Coaching and Mentoring

    1-on-1 and team coaching and mentoring is also available for businesses who wish to upskill and develop their Business Analysts and Business Architects.

  • Certifications

    Help your Business Analysts and Business Architects stand out. As a Guild Accredited Training Partner™ (GATP™) with the Business Architecture Guild® and an Endorsed Education Provider™ with the IIBA®, We offer online courses to help your team prepare for their certification exams.

Career growth services

Help your people thrive!

  • Competency Assessment - for PDPs

    How good are you and your team in meeting performance standards in the Business Analysis and Business Architecture professions? Find out where you stand in terms of competency and which skills you may need to work on by taking our competency assessment.

  • Candidate Assessment - for Employers

    Do you have the right candidate for the job? We will help you filter the right candidate by providing competency testing, interviews and professional assessments to help you make the best choice for your particular business needs.

  • Professional Portfolio - for Job Seekers

    Looking to get a new job? We will test you, review your experience and provide the appropriate recommendation so that you have the CV of choice in the market. Get your CV, skills and competencies reviewed to see how you compare against others in line with industry standards.

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A little more about Professional Portfolio

Why Quality Requirements?

Increase your project success with our Quality Requirements Programme

Regardless of your project methodology, business requirements gathering is a key contributor to success. When asking "what were the primary causes of these (project) failures?**", the PMI Pulse of the Profession 2018 report listed 17 items. Below is the top 3 reasons for project failure as listed in the report.

Key Findings *

  • There has been a continued and significant increase in project activity in the past four years across all sectors. 
  • However failure rates are also increasing – with survey results showing that only one-third of projects are delivering the desired outcomes.
  • The type of projects New Zealand organisations are currently focusing on include growth and efficiency initiatives, developing information technology and to support organisational change.
  • However, leading change in the organisation is the most lacking skill in project management professionals today.
  • Only 29% of projects are delivering to budget and only a fifth of projects are consistently delivering on their planned benefits.  These results represent a dramatic waste of resources in NZ businesses.
  • Whilst most projects have active and engaged sponsors, only 10% are seen as providing extremely effective governance activities.

*Source: https://home.kpmg/nz/en/home/insights/2017/04/project-management-survey-2017.html