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These tests are to check your general understanding of the principles discussed in your BABOK® Guide. The questions are designed based on the median of questions. For example some are these questions are harder than what you would experience if you were studying for ECBA and some easier than if you were studying for CBAP. This will help you determine how ready you are with your knowledge to get certified.

  • BABOK® Summary Guide free

  • 100+ Questions on different levels

  • Test your knowledge in every BABOK® chapter

  • 20 bonus questions for Chapter 7

  • Randomised so you can try in different order

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Bonus Material

Get your BABOK® Summary free download when viewing our course. You will get the first chapter and all summary materials at no charge.

The BABOK® Summary is a free downloadable document for those wanting to prepare for their CCBA® or CBAP® exams with the IIBA. It captures all the 600+ page key learning to ensure that you are ready to take your exam. To access this download and the video explainer, go to the "Free Preview" of the course. This PDF comes with a video explainer.
BABOK Summary

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Introduction from Deirdre Caren

    • Welcome to your BABOK Guide

    • Before we begin...

    • BABOK® v3 - A summary by Alan Maxwell

    • Mock Chapter 1 Quiz

    • Mock Chapter 2 Quiz

    • Mock Chapter 3: Quiz

    • Mock Chapter 4: Quiz

    • Mock Chapter 5 Quiz

    • Mock Chapter 6 Quiz

    • Mock Chapter 7 Quiz

    • Mock Chapter 8 Quiz

    • BABOK® Chapter 9: Underlyning Competencies Explainer

    • Mock Chapter 10 Quiz

    • Chapter 10 Techniques Overview

    • Before you go...

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Mirium Roberts-Wason

Good for testing where you're at before starting the actual course

Good for testing where you're at before starting the actual course

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Insha Qazalbash


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Warenimowei Uromi-Owu

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