About the mock tests / practice exams

These tests are to check your general understanding of the principles discussed in your BABOK® Guide. The questions are designed based on the median of questions. For example some are these questions are harder than what you would experience if you were studying for ECBA and some easier than if you were studying for CBAP. This will help you determine how ready you are with your knowledge to get certified.

  • 100+ Questions on different levels

  • Test your knowledge in every BABOK® chapter

  • 20 bonus questions for Chapter 7

  • Randomised so you can try in different order

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Introduction from Deirdre Caren

    • Welcome to your BABOK Guide

    • Before we begin...

    • Mock Chapter 1 Quiz

    • Mock Chapter 2 Quiz

    • Mock Chapter 3: Quiz

    • Mock Chapter 4: Quiz

    • Mock Chapter 5 Quiz

    • Mock Chapter 6 Quiz

    • Mock Chapter 7 Quiz

    • Mock Chapter 8 Quiz

    • Chapter 10 Techniques Overview

    • Mock Chapter 10 Quiz

    • BABOK® v3 - A summary by Alan Maxwell

    • Why take the Business Analysis Pathway Course

    • Free preview of Business Analysis Pathway Course: Introduction to your BABOK® Guide

    • Take the Business Analysis Pathway Course

    • Before you go...

Think you ready to do your IIBA® Exams?

Most IIBA® certified business analysts first test how ready they are to take the exams. Taking the exam can be expensive and time consuming. This is why it is best to first prepare yourself for the exams to make sure you have some common knowledge of what to expect when sitting the exam.