What we offer

Agora Insights is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. We focus on building the business analysis profession through training, mentoring, certification and professional competency.

  • Training and Certificates: We offer a range of certification based courses for both Business Analysts and Business Architects. Learners get Agora Insights certificates once successfully completing our courses.

  • Professional Development Portfolio: We offer a mentoring programme that will help you grown your career. This includes a competency assessment, training, CV building and learning tools.

  • Corporate training and mentoring services to help teams, projects and businesses reach their goals.

  • Business Blueprinting: Create your own using business architecture tools, techniquest and visualisation. Ask us for a free demonstration

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Message from Deirdre Caren

Why I started Agora Insights Ltd

Why bring business architecture and business analysis together?

The Business Architecture Guild® and International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) Announce Formal Alliance

On June 01, 2017 the two organisations announced their alignment. The strategic alliance recognizes the leadership each organization holds in their respective fields. Both organizations are looking forward to exciting new opportunities for collaboration across business architecture and business analysis. “The Guild and IIBA will seek to align our communities of practices through content, events, and related means. Working together will enable both organizations to leverage more opportunities to promote the role and value of business architecture and business analysis and provide value to our members.” 

Agora Insights aims to help Business Analyst build their career options, competencies and certification

Source:  June 01, 2017 |  International Institute of Business Analysis

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Looking for corporate services?

Get the most out of team with our training and mentoring programmes.


  • What is a professional review?

    Professional reviews are where we determine your competency level through an interview, portfolio of evidence, completion of training and industry related questions. This professional review will compare your skills and competencies against the type of industry you are wanting to work in.

  • What can I do with a professional review?

    Professional reviews are great for adding to your CV when applying for new jobs, adding to your Professional Development Points in the workplace, using towards your certification applications or even just for self development.

  • Do you offer classroom training?

    Yes we do, but only in New Zealand at this time. This can be either a public course or within a corporate private setting. To book a training session, please send an email to customerheros@agorainsights.com

  • Do you have customised courses?

    Yes, we do customize our courses to meet corporate requests. These are outside of our current online course offerings. Types of customized courses might be: working with a team of BAs in a particular sector, working with aspiring business architects in a sector and/or building skills within an organisation. We will work with our corporate customers to understand their training requirements. So contact us for more information.

  • Can I send a corporate team for training?

    Yes, we have a feature in our portal to allow for groups to work together for a group price. We offer additionally services with this bundle should the corporate require it. These include competency assessments, industry relevant templates and one-on-one mentoring. This can be conducted live online or on-site, depending on the location.

  • How much do you charge for corporate training?

    It is really hard to say without knowing what you are looking for. Typical fees are $450 per learner for day with a minimum number of 10 participants. If we custom courses for corporate, we will need to talk about what the training/mentoring requirements are prior to being able to quote.

  • How do I know if the courses are a good quality?

    We work hard at Agora Insights to ensure that our courses meet industry standards. We diligently plan and design each course with our learners in mind, using relevant business cases. However, the best way to tell is though our learners themselves, we have 5 star ratings and a lot of happily certified learners.

  • How do I get hold of you?

    Best to contact us via customerheros@agorainsights.com or using our chat service on the bottom left of our screen.