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    1. Writing background statement, root cause & problem statement: IIBA® Hamilton (April 2022)

    2. Nailing The ECBA™, CCBA®, and CBAP® Exams (Feb 2022)

    3. CBAP Preparation: Learn more about your exam blueprint

    4. Changes to the ECBA Exam Blueprint Feb 2021

    5. What business analysts needs to know about cybersecurity (Nov 2021)

    6. Growing into the BA Career: June 2020

    7. Business Analyst to Business Architect - Can you do it?

    8. Why getting your CBAP® matters (with Paul Benn) November 2020

    9. Take the next step in your BA career with CCBA® (with Michał Tyburski) November 2020

    10. How I got ECBA certified and you can too (with Giovanni Della Vecchia) November 2020

    1. BIZBOK 11 Updates (May 2022)

    2. Introduction to ArchiMate® (April 2022)

    3. Business Architecture and Strategy Execution (Feb 2022)

    4. The role of a Business Architect: November 2021

    5. Business Architecture Visual Mind Maps (Ovidui Nanuti): October 2021

    6. Business Architecture Iceberg Syndrome (Daniel Lambert): August 2021

    7. Business Architecture: Interview with Forewoman (August 2021)

    8. Business Architecture April 2021 (Deirdre Caren): BIZBOK updates

    9. I am a business architect, now what? (with Daniel Lambert) November 2020

    10. Introduction to Business Architecture

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