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Why Quality Requirements?

Increase your project success with our Quality Requirements Programme

Regardless of your project methodology, business requirements gathering is a key contributor to success. When asking "what were the primary causes of these (project) failures?**", the PMI Pulse of the Profession 2018 report listed 17 items. Below is the top 3 reasons for project failure as listed in the report.

Key Findings *

  • There has been a continued and significant increase in project activity in the past four years across all sectors. 
  • However failure rates are also increasing – with survey results showing that only one-third of projects are delivering the desired outcomes.
  • The type of projects New Zealand organisations are currently focusing on include growth and efficiency initiatives, developing information technology and to support organisational change.
  • However, leading change in the organisation is the most lacking skill in project management professionals today.
  • Only 29% of projects are delivering to budget and only a fifth of projects are consistently delivering on their planned benefits.  These results represent a dramatic waste of resources in NZ businesses.
  • Whilst most projects have active and engaged sponsors, only 10% are seen as providing extremely effective governance activities.