What is included in the Quality Requirements Master Class

The Quality Requirements Master Class is specifically designed for corporate teams who are looking to improve their delivery in projects. In provides practical step my step guide to ensuring quality requirements for any project.

  • Tools and templates relevant to the workplace

  • Live training sessions on each chapter with an experienced mentor

  • Critique on assignments linked to your business need

  • Individual and team pre-assessment report

  • Individual professional review and report

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Fundamentals of Quality Requirements

    • Fundemental Concepts of Quality Requirements

    • Requirements Knowledge Brief and Documentation

    • Assignment: Quality Requirements Samples

  • 3

    Business, Stakeholders and Acceptance Testing

    • Quality Requirements Chapter 2

    • Business Requirements Document

  • 4

    Current and Future State Analysis

    • Quality Requirements Chapter 3: Current and Future State

    • A Gap Analysis Template

    • Thriving on Change: How to create a gap analysis

  • 5

    Root Cause Analysis

    • Quality Requirements Chapter 4: Root Cause

    • Fishbone: Making problem solving suck less

    • Root Cause Assignment

  • 6

    Financial Analysis

    • Chapter 5 Financial Analysis

  • 7

    Stakeholder RASCI, Workshops, and Interviews

    • Chapter 6 Stakeholder Engagement

    • DOPE - Personality Test

    • Requirements Interview Overview

    • Hight Level BRD Interview Questions

    • Human Centred Design

    • d.school's Design Thinking Process Mode Guide

  • 8

    Critical Success Measures, Decision Making and Recommendations

    • Chapter 7 Critical Success Measures, Decision Making and Recommendations

    • Hoshin Planning and the X-Matrix: Parts and Purpose

  • 9

    Solution Requirements and Designs

    • What are functional requirements?

    • What are non-functional requirements?

    • What are transition requirements?

  • 10

    Business Blueprint

    • The basics of writing a business blueprint

  • 11

    Using Tools, Templates and Dashboards

    • Additional tools to support business requirements

Why Quality Requirements?

Increase your project success with our Quality Requirements Programme

Regardless of your project methodology, business requirements gathering is a key contributor to success. When asking "what were the primary causes of these (project) failures?**", the PMI Pulse of the Profession 2018 report listed 17 items. Below is the top 3 reasons for project failure as listed in the report.

Key Findings *

  • There has been a continued and significant increase in project activity in the past four years across all sectors. 
  • However failure rates are also increasing – with survey results showing that only one-third of projects are delivering the desired outcomes.
  • The type of projects New Zealand organisations are currently focusing on include growth and efficiency initiatives, developing information technology and to support organisational change.
  • However, leading change in the organisation is the most lacking skill in project management professionals today.
  • Only 29% of projects are delivering to budget and only a fifth of projects are consistently delivering on their planned benefits.  These results represent a dramatic waste of resources in NZ businesses.
  • Whilst most projects have active and engaged sponsors, only 10% are seen as providing extremely effective governance activities.

*Source: https://home.kpmg/nz/en/home/insights/2017/04/project-management-survey-2017.html