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Agora Insights is proud to announce that we now deliver Business Analysis training courses for the IT Department of Stanford University.

Bespoke or custom training programmes are available for corporate clients. If you are interested in this for your organization, please email us at to enquire.
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Closed Captions or Subtitles in English and other languages now supported

Available on all Business Analysis Master classes

Other course enhancements include: Text search within the explainer videos; ability to control video speed; learning flexibility -- move in and out of chapters
Agora Insights IIBA ECBA CCBA CBAP courses subtitles multi language support

Management Capability Voucher Fund available to eligible NZ Businesses

Agora Insights is a registered NZ Business Training Partner

Through the Regional Business Partner Network, Agora Insights can offer training vouchers to eligible NZ businesses that subsidise the cost of workshops, courses and coaching to develop your management capability and grow your business.
Training funding for eligible NZ businesses


Check out our News and Events page for our list of free webinars for the Business Analyst and Business Architect community.
Business Analysis Requirements


CCA Cybersecurity for Business Analysts

We are thrilled to have Andrew Robins offer this course to our BA community. With all the requirements that need to be done in projects, ensuring that we have sound security requirements is a key component in delivery.
CCA Cybersecurity Masterclass for Business Analysts

Agora Insights Learners

From Estonia to Argentina, South Africa to Norway, Canada to the Philippines and more

From our base in New Zealand, we are working with people from all over the world. It is truly amazing how connected we are in the field of business architecture and business analysis. As of January 2021, we now have learners from over 40 countries all working very hard to get certified. It is such a privilege for me getting to know so many people and realise (despite some language barriers) the life of a BA is very similar, our stories are understood and our frustrations are shared. Doesn't feel like an island after all! Happy learning everyone!
Agora Insights learners from around the world

Free CBAP CCBA ECBA Learning Blueprint

We developed a free learning blueprint included in our CBAP® CCBA & ECBA masterclasses to help prepare those who plan to sit the IIBA exam.

This blueprint covers the following main areas of work: 1) Plan and Prepare; 2) Complete the Training Course - involves multiple learning exercises; 3) Take the Practice quiz at the end of BABOK chapter; 4) ASSESSMENT - Exam readiness and drills: are you ready to write the CBAP, CCBA or ECBA Exam? To view the learning blueprint and watch the explainer video, sign-up for the free preview of either the ECBA, CCBA or CBAP Masterclass.
CCA Cybersecurity Masterclass for Business Analysts

What is your project making for dinner tonight?

Requirements Repository or Backlog?

Recently a learner asked what the difference was between a Requirements Repository and a Requirements Backlog? I thought, before I answer, I should perhaps understand where the words originated from and how it relates to our current understanding of projects.
Business Analysis Requirements
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Why I started Agora Insights Ltd

Confidence in your BIZBOK® and BABOK® learning outcomes

We are a fully accredited certification training partner/provider. Get the best results in your CBA® , ECBA®, CCBA®, CBAP® and CCA® preparation